Our goal is to provide you with the best software, equipment and services to help you be successful. Our team lives and breaths digital messaging for over a decade and has lead the way in creating innovated ways of engaging the viewer. You will have access to a team of really great people who know the industry, understand the technology and recognize what it takes to support our partners.

Content Management Platform

Your content management platform is the single most import asset when it comes to managing a digital signage network. firmCHANNEL is easy to use yet powerful and robust enough to handle any sized network, anywhere in the world, right from a browser. It has the tools to remotely troubleshoot and maintain media players and it’s supported by a great team of people with a ton of experience. And with all development and support done in-house, we can pretty much meet any feature requirements your customers might demand.

Sales Support


We can help you with presentations and other sales materials, and even participate in sales calls if needed.

firmCHANNEL Enterprise


The firmCHANNEL Enterprise lives in the cloud so you don’t have to buy, setup and manage a bunch of expensive servers. We look after all of the infrastructure which allows you to control your entire network right from your browser. Everything you need to manage your network is built into the platform so there’s no need to install anything on you own computers.

Here are some key features of the firmCHANNEL Enterprise:


Our cloud based server infrastructure is managed entirely by our team leaving you free to focus on your clients


Precise control over what each user can do


Custom content folders to organize your media in a way that makes sense to you and your users


An drag-and-drop content creation tool called Content Designer that allows you create professional looking content quickly and easily

Customer Relations

Email previews to get customer approval before deploying content


Proof-of-playback reports

On The Go

Quick Broadcast, for temporary, time sensitive messaging like weather alerts


A powerful yet easy to use interface to easily manage a network of any size

Piece Of Mind

A network snapshot available right from your home screen allows you to stay on top of your network


Built-in troubleshooting and monitoring features including remote access to media players and notifications


Video Presence, integrated live 2-way video communications

Simple Content Creation with Content Designer

Content is King

For a network to be successful, it must have content that is relevant, engaging and fresh. That’s a tall order. If there’s budget to hire a designer to create new content, great. But what if there is a limited budget or no budget at all? That’s why we developed the Content Designer. Anyone can create great looking media using this intuitive, widget based, drag and drop tool.

Video Presence/HumanKiosk


With Video Presence, you can give your clients the ability to take their customer engagement to a whole new level with innovative viewer interaction and remote personal service. The HumanKiosk, powered by Video Presence, combines the capabilities of interactive digital signage with on-demand, face-to-face interactions all wrapped up in an attractive standalone kiosk

HumanKIOSK Yellow

Corum Digital Hardware


You have to rely on your equipment. This is especially true when that equipment is in remote locations where sending out a tech to repair or replace a media player can be costly. Our hardware has been specifically designed to hold up to the stresses of 24/7 use in a variety of different environments. Combine this with the powerful remote management tools of the firmCHANNEL platform and you have a potent combination.

Android Media Player Gen 4
FP100 G2

CMP100 Gen4 Media Player

This is our value media player and it’s great for basic content playback up to 1080p.

  • Supports RSS feeds and text tickers
  • Supports custom media created by firmCHANNEL’s built-in Content Designer
  • Has remote login capabilities for remote support
  • Small form factor allows it to be discretely mounted pretty much anywhere

CMP200 Media Player

This is our standard media player and has been designed for 24/7 use in a wide range of environments.

  • Supports nearly all popular video and image formats
  • Supports RSS feeds and text tickers
  • Supports custom media created by firmCHANNEL’s built-in Content Designer
  • Supports many add-on features like
    • The HumanKiosk powered by Video Presence
    • Facial recognition
    • Interactivity using RFID and QR Codes
    • Gesture Control
  • The small form factor includes a built-in, detachable VESA mount
  • No external power brick to get in the way of a clean install

CMP400 Media Player

This is our more powerful media player supporting 4K output.

  • Supports nearly all popular video and image formats
  • Plays multiple videos at the same time
  • Supports RSS feeds and text tickers
  • Supports custom media created by firmCHANNEL’s built-in Content Designer
  • Has remote login capabilities for remote support
  • Small form factor allows it to be discretely mounted pretty much anywhere


Because we have relationships with several of the biggest names in commercial displays we can work with you to provide your customers with the best screen choice for each individual project from single screens to video walls, from low light environments to full sunlight environments.

The Bits and Pieces

Installing a display involves much more than just the screen and the media player and we can supply everything you need to make the installation quick, tidy and secure, including:

  • Unique Mounting Solutions
  • Cabling
  • Cellular modems
  • Video walls
  • Custom enclosures
  • Complete installation services

Custom Media Players

Not all projects are the same. We recognize this. That’s why we can provide a custom media player to match the needs of almost any project including video walls.