Support Documentation and Videos

Quick and easy installation will transform any Windows XP/Windows 7 machine into a full functional firmCHANNEL Enterprise player.

Setup Instructions

  1. Download the installation file – Download (Windows XP Only 32bit)   or   Download (Windows 7 Only 32bit)
  2. Follow the on screen instructions to complete installation.
  3. As with any player, the hardware must be activated and connected to a given firmCHANNEL Enterprise account. Please follow the standard steps required to activate a firmCHANNEL Server Player (See the help Video here). firmCHANNEL LIVE players will not auto activate and require acceptance from firmCHANNEL administrators before the activation will be complete. firmCHANNEL Live license activations will take place Monday to Friday, 9:00 am EST and 5:00pm EST.